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Rock with the Doc , he's got the cure. Sooner Or Later, the new CD by Doctor Midnite is here. Positive message songs (mostly) featuring witty lyrics and infectious grooves make up this collection by this one man rock band. The Doctor concocts his own blend of rock, blues and country featuring his unique vocal style punctuated by soulful guitar playing. The Doctor tackles subjects such as ecology,drinking and driving, humorous neighbors, selective vision and personal relationships while giving you his perspective on the world . The young Doctor grew up in New York City listening to rock and roll as long as he can remember. He bugged his parents for a guitar until they couldn't stand it any longer and finally they gave in and bought him his first Danelectro. That was the Christmas that the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Doctor grew up learning all the Beatles songs as well as others of the 60's as soon as they were released. His first gig lasted for two years. He played at Folk Mass while attending parochial school. Soon the Doctor was playing at Junior High and High School dances and party's .After high school Doc went to the State University of New York at Oswego for a year as a music major. The Doc wanted to rock and soon got bored with classical and left school and left for Los Angeles. Then it was on to Golden West College for two years while he studied Recording Arts + Sciences .There he has appeared on two school albums. After graduating he worked in the electronic music lab at Golden West College for the next five years. He also ran his own eight track studio for many years .There he engineered and produced hundreds of demos for local groups as well as eleven record projects. The doctor also played in numerous popular top 40 bar bands as a bass player including Twist Of Fate, The Names, Straight Up, and The Touch. During the last five years the Doc has gotten back to his songwriting roots he has written over three hundred songs). He began writing songs in 1976 with a four track Teac reel to reel ,one mic, a guitar and a bass. The Doc would play all the parts himself. This current CD reflects his musical evolution and growth as a musician during the last twenty years.

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